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The Television Motion Picture Car Club is the world’s only car club for those who work in the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports and motorsports industries. We are a private club and membership is by invitation only. You must be sponsored by a current member in good standing before you will be considered for membership.

We host private “Members Only” events and we also attend many public events each year. Information about our private events is only forwarded to our members, which allows us to keep the dates and destinations secret from the prying eyes of the general public. This helps insure that our more recognized members aren’t bothered by gawkers, stalkers or the paparazzi on private event days.

The Television Motion Picture Car Club is a very special organization. Whether it’s our private tours of the most celebrated custom car shops in California, our private Cars and Cigars event in the spring, our Annual Car Show in the summer, our private Movie Night every fall, or any of the other events we host or attend, this is a club like no other. Add in the discounts and perks our members receive from many of our sponsors, the friends you will make and the fun you will have, and you can see why this is a club every entertainment industry car guy or gal should be part of.

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