The Television Motion Picture Car Club (TMPCC) is a private organization for those who work in or are associated with the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports and motorsports industries.

Our goal since the club’s founding in 2009 has been to bring together those who work in all areas of entertainment and create an atmosphere of camaraderie, where you can connect with old friends, make new ones and share your passion for the automobile. The club was also designed to be a safe haven for our more recognized members. Because of this, our celebrity members do not have to worry about being harassed by gawkers, stalkers or the paparazzi while attending our private TMPCC events.

Since our members are direct representatives of the TMPCC, what you do or say reflects on our entire organization. Therefore the TMPCC has established the following Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct that apply to our entire membership. Any violation of these rules may result in your expulsion from the club.


1) Membership in the TMPCC is a privilege. Due to the stature of our club, the events we host have the potential to attract new members, sponsors and media coverage. Therefore it is important that our members act professional and look presentable at all times.

2) One of the founding principles of the TMPCC is that it shall be a safe haven for all our members. That means our private club events are designed to allow each and every member (regardless of their celebrity) the opportunity to enjoy themselves without being harassed by gawkers, stalkers or the paparazzi. To help ensure this, members are NOT to divulge the date, time or destination of any private TMPCC event to any non-member. Our private events will be listed as such in our member’s only newsletters and event emails.

2a) You are NOT to bother our celebrity members for autographs and/or pictures, selfies or videos while at a TMPCC hosted event. This rule does not apply to official club photographers or videographers, whose specific task (as authorized by the President of the TMPCC) is to capture images and/or videos of our events for club purposes. Many celebrities consider autographs and picture taking an annoyance and we want all our members (celebrity or otherwise) to feel comfortable and at ease while attending a TMPCC event. Should we host an event where our celebrity members agree to do an autograph session, this is the proper setting to request autographs or ask to take a photo or selfie with them.

3) Membership in the TMPCC is almost exclusively by invitation. If you are a current member in good standing and you know someone who would like to join, you may invite them to fill out an application which can be downloaded from the JOIN TMPCC page on this website. Since you are vouching for their character, they must list you as the sponsoring member. They are to forward the application, along with their dues to the address on the bottom of the application. After we confirm that the sponsoring member did in fact sponsor the member candidate and that the member candidate's character is beyond reproach, the member candidate will be granted membership.

3a) If you wish to become a member but you do not know a current member who can sponsor you, write us from the CONTACT page on this website. Supply a link to your IMDB page or provide a list of credits and/or references verifying that you work or have worked in the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports or motorsports industries. We perform background checks on member candidates, so please be honest. If you are found to be a suitable candidate for membership, you will be allowed to join the TMPCC.

3b) We also allow a very small number of non-entertainment industry people to join the TMPCC. These include some of the world's most renowned automotive designers, custom car builders, magazine writers and other serious enthusiasts that our members know and vouch for. All non-entertainment industry member candidates must be sponsored by a member in good standing before they will be accepted to the TMPCC.

4) Potential members must meet the following criteria:

a) You work in or have worked in the entertainment industry in some way, shape or form (see items 3 and 3a above).
b) You do not work in the entertainment industry but a member has agreed to sponsor you and vouch for your character (see item 3b).
c) Note that only a very small number of non-entertainment industry members are allowed to join the TMPCC.
d) You agree to follow the Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct as specified in this document.
e) You agree to participate in at least one TMPCC hosted event per year (see item 9).
f) You agree to support and represent the club in a dignified fashion.

5) Members are encouraged to help at our events. Those who volunteer will receive the best possible placement of your vehicle at our events and it is a great way to get to know your fellow members.

6) New members will receive a personalized membership badge and TMPCC decal for their vehicle. Be mindful that displaying our club decal means you are representing the TMPCC at all times while you are in your vehicle. In addition, remember that you are representing our club each and every time you wear your membership badge.

7) Members must show respect towards their fellow members and other enthusiasts. There is to be no trash talking, belittling, snide comments or disrespect of any person or their vehicle. Lewd behavior, profanity, stalking, discrimination, sexual harassment, physical altercations, online insults and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

8) Be respectful of other people’s property. Do not touch, lean against or sit in any vehicle you do not own without the owner’s permission. And of course you are never to engage in any act of vandalism, theft or destruction of another person’s property.

8a) Members are allowed to bring their significant other, immediate family or a friend to a TMPCC event (unless an event states otherwise). Your guest(s) must attend with you and it is the members responsibility to ensure that any guest you invite abides by the rules set forth in this document.

8b) Members and their guest(s) are not to divulge the dates, times or locations of our PRIVATE TMPCC events. This is for the security of all our members, so they are not bothered by gawkers, stalkers or the paparazzi while attending a private club event. It is the members responsibility to ensure that any guest(s) you invite to one of our events abides by this rule and the other rules set forth in this document.

9) We all have busy schedules, but a big part of what makes the TMPCC such a wonderful organization is the family dynamic we all share. This bond can only be achieved by attending our events and getting to know your fellow members. Because of this, members who live within 150 miles of downtown Los Angeles are required to attend one TMPCC hosted event per year. This can include our Annual Car Show, our Annual Movie Night or any Members Meets we host throughout the year. Those who live beyond that distance are NOT required to abide by this rule. Sponsors are also not required to abide by this rule.

10) If you register for an event, please do your best to attend. We have a limited number of display spaces at our Annual Car Shows and other events, and if you do not show up, it will result in an open space in the show. It is also a huge disappointment for those on our backup list who wanted to participate and display their vehicle. With that said, if you have registered and been confirmed for an event but you are unable to attend for any reason, please email club headquarters in advance and let us know that you need to cancel. This will allow us to place someone from our backup list into your space.

11) Member's vehicles must be registered, insured and in a safe operating condition when displayed at any event we host or attend. Depending on the circumstances, this may not apply to race only vehicles which will be determined on a case by case basis.

12) Members are required to obey all local, state and federal laws and regulations. You are not to conduct any reckless or dangerous driving, including exhibition of speed upon any public roadway, parking lot or event venue.

13) If you have a concern or complaint about club dynamics, speak with or email a club officer. Do not post concerns or complaints about the club or its members anywhere online without talking to a club officer first. Please give any dispute you may have adequate time to be resolved.

14) No member shall engage in any verbal argument with an event coordinator, sponsor or fellow member at an event. Instead, they should speak with a club officer who will deal with any disputes or problems that may occur.

15) Termination of a member will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Should a member be terminated, they must remove any association with the club from their vehicle, website and social media pages.

16) Any violation of the above rules may subject the offending member to expulsion from the club without a warning or hearing.

17) If you witness any club member violating the above Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct, we encourage you to speak with a club officer or write us via the CONTACT page on this website. Those who report any violation of club rules shall remain anonymous.

18) The TMPCC Executive Committee is comprised of members who have volunteered to put forth the time it takes to help run all aspects of the club. They are the backbone of the TMPCC and are held in the highest regard. All positions on the TMPCC Executive Committee are by appointment, and are based on a member’s reputation, their willingness to help run the club and their area of expertise. We do have positions available from time to time, so if you would like a role in the TMPCC, let us know.

19) The Television and Motion Picture Car Club (TMPCC) strives to make each of its events as enjoyable and safe as reasonably possible for all who participate and those who attend as spectators. Nonetheless, any activity involving automobiles, even when on static display, carries with it certain inherent dangers which may increase when vehicles involved in the event are running while remaining stationary or moving. By attending any TMPCC event, that it either organizes or attends as a group, and whether you are attending either as a participant or a spectator, you agree, for yourself, your heirs, successors, administrators, successors and assigns, forever and irrevocably to waive, relinquish and release any and all claims of any type or nature whatsoever against its officers, members, participants, sponsors, supporters, exhibitors and vendors with regard to damage or destruction of personal property, including theft, and also from any claim of bodily injury or loss of life in connection therewith which occurs at or arises from or is in any way related to the TMPCC event. You further agree that the TMPCC may use, film, videotape or photographs of you and/or your vehicle for TMPCC’s website or other club specific purposes.

20) These rules, regulations and code of conduct are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to notify our membership of any changes but we ask that you review this page on a regular basis.