The Television Motion Picture Car Club is the world’s only car club for those in the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports and motorsports industries. We are a private club and membership is almost exclusively by invitation.

In most cases you must be sponsored by a current member in good standing who can vouch for your character. However, if you would like to join but you do not know a current member, email us from the CONTACT page on this website. Include your employment history and any industry credits you may have. Member Candidates are carefully vetted, so any documentation you provide, including other sources we use to confirm your professional and personal character will help us determine possible membership acceptance.

We also allow a small number of people outside the industry to join the TMPCC. These include the world’s most respected automotive designers and builders, magazine writers and other reputable men and women that our members know and vouch for.

The Television Motion Picture Car Club is a very special organization. Whether it’s our Private “Members Only” events, or any of the other events we host or attend, this is a club like no other. Add in the discounts and preferred treatment our members receive from many of our sponsors, the friends you will make, and the fun you will have, and you can see why this is a club everyone in the entertainment industry should be part of.

It makes no difference if you work in front of the camera or behind the scenes, the TMPCC was founded with the privacy of our members in mind. Unlike other clubs and organizations, our membership directory is private and it is only available to our Founder and President. That’s because the security of our members and their personal information has been and always will be of the utmost importance. Without this strict code of confidentiality, the TMPCC would not have existed for more than a decade and counting.

Our Private “Members Only” events are also structured with our more recognized members in mind. Since our Private events are only known to members, this allows us to keep the dates and destinations secret from the prying eyes of the general public. This helps insure that our members are not bothered by gawkers, stalkers or the paparazzi on our Private “Members Only” event days.

So if you work in or are associated with the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports or motorsports industries, we welcome you to join the TMPCC family… and if you are a company that wishes to become a TMPCC Sponsor, please write us from the CONTACT page of this website.

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